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About Me.


One of the most consistent elements and crucial aspects of myself as I have changed over the years is my life long passion for music— for over 20 years I was a professional musician  (and still play and perform to this day), my instrument being guitar, playing in rock bands, as a session guitarist and as a composer/songwriter. The energy from creativity and where it comes from, in what ever aspect it manifests itself—through the arts to mathematics, has fascinated me for many years. In Psychosynthesis terms I feel that each Higher Self holds a matrix of qualities which illuminates the self realization of each individual if they are willing to take the path towards knowing their essence, centre of Self: this is the spiritual or soul’s journey of one’s life. I experience my Self when I am feeling most true  to myself and most alive, and like many other musicians and artists, as well as probably every human being, I experience my Self most fully in the act of creation, whatever form that may take, which in my case is creating and making music.


I have and still work closely with “artists” in therapy as there is a shadow element to creativity if it is not seen as a road to self actualization—what the musician hides in the shadow, for example, their inability to express their pain in the seeming emptiness of real meaning in life is revealed in their music. The role of artist becomes a mask, a way to possibly inflate the ego, a way to be seen in the world which seems important, yet can hide those unexpressed fear s and uncertainties which remain hidden.


Below are a number of questions that I use when working with performing artists:


“How far do you feel you are really “seen” when you perform and what does this mean to you?“How far does performing relate to your self-worth?”Exploring the negative block—”I can’t be successful, prolific and creative because………”

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